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Collateral Duty Course for Other Federal Agencies

Course Description:

This web-based version of the course introduces Federal agency collateral duty (part-time) safety and health personnel to the OSHA Act, Executive Order 12196, 29 CFR 1960, and 29 CFR 1910. It enables them to recognize basic safety and health hazards in their own workplaces and to effectively assist agency safety and health officers in their inspection and abatement efforts. Note: This course is intended to be used as a supplement to the student's agency-specific training on their agency's safety and health management systems, policies, and procedures. For further information, please contact the Director, Office of Construction Training.

Scheduled Dates for the Course

Class ID Start Date End Date
6000-001 2007/01/01 2007/12/31
6000-002 2008/01/01 2008/09/30
6000-FY09-001 2008/10/01 2009/09/30
6000-FY10-001 2009/10/01 2010/09/30
6000-FY11-001 2010/10/01 2011/09/30
6000-FY12-001 2011/10/01 2012/09/30
6000-FY13-001 2012/10/01 2013/09/30
6000-FY14-001 2013/10/01 2014/09/30
6000-FY15-001 2014/10/01 2015/09/30